Canada Consumer List in Your Fingertips

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Buying data list depends on so many different factors that can improve the performance on your sales floor. Purchasing list should depend on the type of telemarketing campaign you are running, targeted geography, age group, income and so on. If you are looking into these factors then you probably should by province wide telephone list or if you are targeting wide range of consumer then you should be buying our country wide telephone list instead.

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Why Our List?

  • List includes Name, Full Address, Phone Number
  • Lists are available entire Canada
  • Fresh & Reliable Lists for Cold Calling and Telemarketing
  • Price: $159 per State or $1899 for whole Canada
  • 16+ targeted Demographics including Age, Income, Home Owner, Home Value, and more
  • The leads are yours for life no subscription required
  • We are confident on our data and it’s quality
  • Lists are Compatible with CRMs and Dialers

Still confused?

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