Generate Free Leads to Raise Your Sales Volume throughout the Year

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July 18, 2018
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October 11, 2018

To maintain steady growth of sales every year, online businesses are heavily investing in leads – a modern-day marketing strategy that allows you to spark interest in the audience. There are hundreds of businesses out there offering lead generation support in exchange for a fee, but after reading this guide you too will be able to generate free leads by yourself.

Now imagine yourself waking up one beautiful morning to find 20 hot sales leads piled up in your inbox waiting to be closed. With the number showing up every other day, chances are that most people know what you have to sell, and they are likely to return for more.

The importance to generate free leadssaas-lead-generation-sales-data-hub

Apart from the fact that anything you do for free now will eventually help saving big in the future. If your business is generating leads in-house then you are already a few steps ahead in the competition, unless you are acquiring bad leads.

Unlike the past when lead generation mainly involved meeting prospects in person, which is time-consuming.

The scenario today, however, has changed dramatically due to the emergence of search engines as well as social media. Moreover, there is lead generation software available to help you generate free leads for you.

Buy statewide lead lists today

Marketers today are focusing on being found by customers, unlike in the past when they invested in advertisements. Due to free lead generating support, prospects are able to find marketers themselves.

Ways to ensure effective lead generationweb-traffic-increased-visits-salesdatahub

Although generating leads for free can be simple and easy to obtain, but you still need to know how to do it right. You need to have an interactive website in place for promoting your product or service.

The next step is about making more and more people aware of your offered services or products through social media, which in return brings in traffic to your platform.

Visitors that are actually interested in what you are selling will perhaps sign up requesting for a quote in exchange for their private data.

Following the verification method, the lead is then emailed to the sales team so they can contact the person.

Channeling down the sales funnelsales-funnel-conversion-salesdatahub

Having a new customer isn’t the end of your selling strategy. Follow these effective lead nurturing techniques for maintaining the momentum of sales year after year.

Even after generating a perfectly reliable and updated lead list, chances are they aren’t still willing to buy; hence, are quite likely to ignore your calls.

Therefore, the first step is to generate a sense of trust that slowly dips the newly generated leads from the Top of the sales funnel (TOFU) down to the Middle of the funnel (MOFU) (the portion of the funnel where trust is generated).

After generating free leads one must also remember to nurture them for closing more sales.

Businesses that generate free leads


In theory, lead generation process can be applied to any business, but are commonly followed by insurance and banking institutions, realtors, and even suppliers of various itineraries and services.

Naturally, when you will be able to predetermine who your customers are, you are more likely to rely on it.

Lead generation with time is going to be more popular among business owners who would save more money with free lead mining.

Abundance of information

Information is no longer restricted to books neatly compiled on bookshelves anymore. There is an abundance of information available right underneath our fingertips today.

With a reliable Internet connection, anyone can search for topics they find interesting; moreover, businesses worldwide now have the ability to learn about their consumers through SAAS mining.

Think of the number of surveys you might have taken part in while browsing on social media (fortune cookies can be a great example).fortune-cookies-facebook-salesdatahub

However, the only downside is that due to an overwhelming bundle of information, businesses probably have only a few milliseconds for capturing the attention of their target consumers.

We as consumers are frequently bombarded by distortion; therefore, to generate free leads you need to be able to come up with the right message for capturing attention. Hopefully, now you are pretty much aware of the usefulness in generating free leads that will eventually lower your business expenses.