No Leads to Close? Implement these Techniques and Generate Verified Leads

Generate Free Leads to Raise Your Sales Volume throughout the Year
October 5, 2018

Are you waking up every morning and getting disheartened having no sales leads to close?

Trust me when I say this that you aren’t the only one facing this problem, which is why I am going to guide you step-by-step on the most feasible ways to generate leads as well as nurture them for a continuous relationship.

What are verified leads and why are they important?verified-leads-salesdatahub

Lead generation is a combination of activities that involve collecting personal data of individuals that are likely to consume your product or service. However, their consent is mandatory before you can contact them personally.

Verified leads, as the word “verified” refers to the accuracy of information on a prospect you are trying to convert.

Now, let’s get to the techniques that generate solid and verified leads. Email marketing can be the single most effective means to generate tonnes of verified leads if you know how to do it properly. To make online sales, you need to have the email addresses of prospects.

But before you go ahead and demand someone’s personal email address, make sure you have something for them in return too, perhaps an ebook.

Consider it this way, why would you even decide to hand over your email to a stranger that has nothing to offer, right?
This is what we call “value first” strategy, which has always worked for us.

Work on your LinkedIn profileB2BLeads-salesdatahub

In case you didn’t know but LinkedIn is filled with salespeople, yet only a handful of them actually know the proper way to use this platform. The trick is to grow your network by sending people connection request belonging to your industry. Before initiating conversation with someone else, I’d suggest you go through that person’s profile first and find out about their interest, including if there’s anyone whom you both know “Mutual Contacts”.

As a result, it will be a lot easier as well as far less creepy to initiate a conversation with someone you have never communicated in the past.

To make your LinkedIn profile appear more professional, work on the following aspects first.
Make sure you have used a recent photo of yourself.
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Connect with as many people as you can that are working in the same industry. In addition to connecting with more and more individuals, make sure you request for endorsements from your clients/customers. This will eventually act as a review panel highlighting all your special skillsets.

The next step is to blog on topics relevant to your field while answering the web’s most common questions.

For most people, blogging can be intimidating, reminding them of huge essays they often wrote when they were in school. However, blogging is nothing but stating the facts in a conversational tone on simple topics such as the one I have written here.

Are your prospects aware of who you are?

Oftentimes we fail to figure out what clients are actually looking for, in which case the best practice is to interview those prospects and find out their ulterior motives.

Despite all the engagement and a growing follower base, people have repeatedly stated their lack of awareness concerning the reasons behind their existence.

A trusted client relationship is quite necessary if you want to establish a continuous traction; therefore, learn more about the demands first before you start generating contents while keeping their needs on your mind.

Encourage guest bloggers

Needless to say that blogging on your own website is undoubtedly fruitful; however, if you want to build up high-quality backlinks, guest posting on other platforms is mandatory at the same time.

Guest posting allows you to expand your reach beyond the existing community; as a result, you will also observe an unexpected spike in the number of leads you are generating. This works by redirecting traffic from the new platform to yours, thus, expanding your reach to a greater degree.

Guest blogging requires you to collaborate ideas with other researchers, which is why Google Docs can be the most suitable platform to share documents and other necessary information in real time.

Adopt the old-school practiceTelecommunications-salesdatahub

Cold calling may not be as effective as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean the practice has obliterated.

If you are still failing to generate quality sales leads, then adhering to the age-old telemarketing can bring outstanding results. Research points out that 1 out of every 10 calls has huge potential to convert leads.

Using double verified B2B as well B2C sales leads, you should pick up the phone today and start calling every prospect right now.

Never underestimate the personal touch in phone calls as it can go a long way at times.

Network personally at events

There is no better way to verify leads apart from networking at events and establishing contact with prospects.

Attending events for networking with prospects should be an integral part of your entire lead generation technique, as this will help to grow your network exponentially throughout the year.

The following are some basics that should be practiced while networking.

  • It’s about getting to know prospects personally; hence, avoid being serious all the time.
  • You are there for one purpose only, to help people that are working in the same industry as yours.
  • Make sure you are carrying business cards with you to distribute among everyone.
  • Let them know that you’d love to connect with them over LinkedIn through your phone.

Follow up prospectsfollow-up-clients-sales-data-hub

Not every lead you intend to approach are going to convert right away; therefore, you need to take your time before getting back at them in the future.

Touching base with each of the prospects once every 6 weeks is the ideal following up strategy and find out whether or not their objective(s) has changed overall. Remember, if you have failed to convert them now, you can still work your way to these verified leads and convert them to sales on your fourth try at least.

While doing so, I will strictly advise you to maintain professionalism at all times. Make sure you treat those prospects like the way you would want to be treated; otherwise, possible conversion of such leads will get quite unlikely.


Having a list of verified leads readily available can be immensely useful, especially when such leads can help you saving big on marketing and other related services in the future. But in case you have a limited supply or even no leads to close at all, the best suggestion would be to opt for double verified info on B2B as well as B2C lead lists, call them up and start closing them into sales.

If you would like to know about the best strategies for closing more leads into customers, I believe this short guide on proper ways to convert prospects into customers can be useful, feel free to check it out.

For more information on lead generation and data mining with SAAS, stay with SalesDataHub for more insightful reads.